Monday, December 27, 2010

Potty Training Time Again!

You'd think that after potty training four other children, the youngest would be super easy! Not so much!

I'd been attempting to potty train him for awhile now. We'd start and stop and start and stop. He wasn't really keen on sitting on the potty for any length of time, so I was usually unable to catch that first pee, which of course is the hardest part of potty training. Once you catch the first pee the child typically understands the concept, and after that will usually go much easier once seated on the potty. Then the next hurdle is getting them to tell you they have to go, which isn't usually as difficult. Using a public or unfamiliar potty, and doing #2 in the potty are also challenges for most kids.. but nothing like the patience and endurance it takes to catch that first pee!

I'd have to say our most successful attempt was over the summer. We had a pool membership, so the children wanted to go swimming often, but I rarely had the money to afford those expensive swimmy diapers! So, we worked on using the potty. He was actually pretty good at telling me he had to go when we were at the pool and he wasn't wearing a diaper.. but he wasn't good at going. I'd hold him on the potty for close to half an hour, then finally we'd both give up, I'd set him on the floor, and that's when he'd pee!

I do not have a lot of patience, so after a few frustrating attempts with no results, I gave up and bought the expensive swimmy diapers!

We eventually tried again, but had even less luck as he was suddenly totally against sitting on the potty at all! Anytime I'd try he'd spend the whole time crying until I gave up and put a diaper on him again.

I do take the blame on this one, of course. I think he was ready to use the potty quite awhile ago, I just didn't have the patience to pursue it. Another set back was my fear of forcing him to use a public toilet. We go to the gym everyday, where he spends a minimum of an hour in the child watch. This isn't really conducive to potty training! He's either going to have a lot of accidents, or I'm going to inconvenience the staff by making them help me with my potty training efforts, or I'm going to have to put him in a diaper (pull ups are diapers in my opinion, and in most children's opinions too.. totally useless, just more expensive!) which I feel erases all the progress we'd made to that point.

So, potty training isn't always on top of my list of priorities.. but it is something we need accomplished soon. He's going to be 3 in a couple of weeks, and I'm tired of spending a bundle on diapers! It's time to just do it and get it over with!

Well, tonight one of my Facebook friends posted on her status that her son had finally done a #2 in the potty. This got me thinking about the whole potty training situation again. So we went in the bathroom and sat on the potty. After about 5 minutes of waiting and nothing happening, I was ready to give up that attempt for the time being. I left him sitting on the potty while I began to draw his bath. Low and behold, the moment I turned on the bath water, he peed! Yay! I cheered and applauded, like a good mom.

After his bath I sat him on the potty again, and again, after a short wait, he went again! Yay! More cheering and applauding!

At that point I put him in underwear.. let's see how far I can push this!

He did wet his pants once, but then went on the potty an additional three times in the past three hours!

I'm being very brave and actually sending him to bed without a diaper! Let's see how well this works!

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