Monday, December 27, 2010

Not the Christmas I expected!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I am personally glad it's over for another year!

My Christmas was not exactly what I expected. My kids did not react the way I thought they would. My oldest son is usually extremely excited about his gifts.. this year he was not, and I really thought he'd go crazy over some of the things he got. He liked some of the smaller gifts, seemed pleased with a NY Giants cup, Axe body spray set, honestly his best reaction was for the football cards he pulled out of his stocking. I thought he'd flip when he opened his Skechers since he's never owned a brand new pair of name brand shoes in his life! Nope, his reaction was "Well, I didn't really need shoes." I thought he'd LOVE his new coat, a Nike jacket with the NY Giants emblem on the chest.. basically he just thought it was cool. He was happy with his 6 month Sports Illustrated subscription, but was not pleased with his Avatar video game, the cd player, or the cd I picked out for him.

My middle son was also less than pleased with the CD player.. I got a big "Oh, great" very sarcastically. I think his favorite toys were is Nerf gun and Darth Vader guy.

My daughter was happy with most of her gifts, but wasn't as excited about all of her Hannah Montana things as I thought she'd be.. she had a huge reaction for the HM outfit her grandpa got for her, which was the first thing she opened, but after that it was "Oh.. more Hannah stuff.." sarcastically. She was happy with the Disney Stars CD she got though, and her favorite (from her reaction to it) was her Furreal kitten.

The little 2 were plenty excited at everything they opened.. the only disappointment with them was that my 4 year old remembered that he'd asked Santa for a Diego toy and did not receive one (I couldn't find any at Walmart and ran out of time and money to go shopping around at other stores). I hoped he'd be so pleased with his toys that he wouldn't remember he'd asked for a Diego toy.. I was wrong!

Man.. what's a mom got to do to please her kids on Christmas??

Well, now that it's all over with the kids seem to be happy. They're testing out all their new toys, my oldest is even playing his Avatar game that he didn't seem happy to open. So although the original reaction was not what I was looking for, they still enjoy their gifts, it's not like they're refusing to play with them. The 8 year old is even really enjoying his CD!

Maybe they just got their hopes up too high?

Though I am pleased to announce that as far as my gifts go, I'm very happy. My husband usually isn't much of a great gift giver, but this year he got almost everything I asked for and even things I didn't ask for but was hoping for. The #1 item on my wish list was the Twilight Saga Scene It game and I did get that, as well as all three Twilight movies. I also wanted the last two Twilight soundtracks (got the first last Christmas) but I did not get those.. but I did get two CDs from artists I've recently discovered that I liked, so I was really happy with that.

Of course I already have a plan in place for affording next Christmas. I know my downfall this year was starting too late.. so for next year I'm starting right now!

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