Friday, June 11, 2010

Extra Skin... EWWW!

The weight loss is definitely slowing down immensely, though I've made it under that 150 mark! Go Me!! I'm now 149. This is a huge accomplishment, as 150 was originally my goal. I struggle everyday to decide whether I want to keep losing or stay here. I think I could probably lose a bit more.. but how difficult will that be to maintain? I've definitely come a long way, considering last October I weighed 225 pounds! I can't even begin to explain how great I feel, and all the things I'm capable of doing now that I never could before. All the hard work I've put into this has been so worth it!

The problem I'm facing now is my skin.. and honestly I don't think there's enough talk about skin. A lot of people talk about losing weight and being healthy and how good it feels to be skinny.. but nobody ever talks about the skin. I guess there are a few lucky S.O.B.'s that don't have to deal with flabby, baggy skin after pregnancy and weight loss.. but I'm not one of them.

I had Javy when I was 17 years old.. they say skin rebounds easier when you're younger.. well I guess I was already sh*t out of luck, because that is when my flabby skin problem started, though it wasn't terrible. I still wore a bikini.. just not a string bikini. I never wore low riders, pants always came up to the belly button, because below that is where the problem started.

Then came the twins and the weight gain. Even at 225 pounds I could see saggy skin. Long before I ever dreamed of losing weight I was using every skin firming cream on the market. I even spent $20 on a tiny bottle of facial skin cream.. and obviously saw no results!

So here I am, under 150 pounds, so skinny I can practically wrap my fingers around my bones.. honestly! I can see every single muscle in my body (except the abs).. and each and every one of them is cut! I have bulging biceps and triceps. Yes, I'm very proud of this body.


I still look fat! My tummy is still flabby and gross. Why? Because I have enough skin to cover a 225 pound girl. It's wrinkly and saggy. Disgusting.

Basically there isn't a single thing I can do about it except get plastic surgery, which I am considering doing, however I probably will never be able to afford it, so I might just have to accept this body the way it is. That's not easy to do. I hate still feeling like a fat girl even after all the hard work I've put in.. it just sucks!!

I know I'm not the only person alive dealing with this issue.. but I guess some people just aren't open to talking about it. But never fear.. IF I decide to do something about it, I will certainly let you know how it goes.

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