Monday, February 1, 2010

Why can't it all wait 2 more weeks??

We are no strangers to financial crisis. There's rarely a day that goes by that we're not worried about how we're going to pay an upcoming bill, or how we'll manage a particular repair. We're the type of family that does put off important things, like a leak under the kitchen sink, and we don't really think twice about the fact that we haven't gotten around to fixing it after months and months of dealing with the problem.

However, every once in awhile so many things will happen all at once and we get quite overwhelmed. That's how things are going for us right now!

So we've just e-filed our taxes. According to the IRS schedule we'll most likely be getting our refund on February 12th. But of course our problems can't wait that long!

The very day after we file our taxes, we discover our cable and Internet have been disconnected due to non-payment. Oops! I can't say we're always really good about our bills... because we're not. We are really good about the important bills. Rent, power, and car insurance are always paid in a timely fashion. However when it comes to the little bills like cable, phone, and debt, I tend to put those off to the side and forget about them. Not really on purpose. It's just that money is always so tight, and I can't always handle the stress of thinking about yet another bill. So I put it aside, planning on looking at it later, but I never get around to it. So this is why cable was shut off.

We go down and pay our cable bill, getting it turned back on immediately. Then, Friday morning I discover our phone has been disconnected! Another oops moment. I can still recieve incoming calls for a few days, but I cannot call out. Unfortunately since we paid the cable, we can't afford to pay the phone bill this week, so I have to just deal with it. When we'll be able to pay it is yet to be seen because rent and power bills are coming up on us and will be due before we get our tax refund. Boy oh boy, are we having fun yet?

Just when you start to wonder if anything else can go wrong.. it usually does!

We've been sharing one vehicle for a few months now. Our van was having a lot of problems that we couldn't afford to repair, and of course the inspection was up in December.. not that it matters because the vehicle won't start now anyways. So in the morning I drop Jay off at work and then I head off to the gym and run my errands and whatever else I need to do. Normally he'll come get the car in the afternoon on his lunch so I don't have to drag the kids out late at night to pick him up. However, Saturdays he's usually out at 2pm, so I'll just wait and go get him.

This past Saturday started out no different. He went to work, the kids and I went to the Y, then we came home for lunch. After lunch I get a call from my Father In Law, he wants Javy to come over and watch a basketball game with him. He tells me he'll come get Javy around 1:30... I say "No, No.. I have to pick Jay up from work at 2, so I'll just drop Javy off." I also had to go to Walmart for a couple things, and drop Tyler off at a birthday party at 3, and pick him up again at 5.

So I load the kids into the car and begin to pull out of the driveway. When I apply the brake, it goes all the way to the floor and the car doesn't slow! Yikes!! I had to throw it into Park to stop the car. I turned the car on and off a few times, and tried again and again, with no change. So after a few minutes we all got back out of the car... that's when I began to wonder how I'd let anyone know about what happened. My father in law was expecting Javy to show up, and I couldn't call to let him know I can't drive my car. Jay is expecting to be picked up, and I can't call him either!

In the end I sent my mother a message on the computer to call Jay and tell him everything, so it all worked out... but the problem is I still have no brakes on my only working vehicle.. and still 2 weeks before we get our taxes back to afford repairs.

Jay works with a guy who works on cars, so he was supposed to come over on Sunday to take a look at our brakes. I got up early and thought it would be a good idea to clean the house up a little bit before the guy got there. I start by trying to do dishes (I don't have a dishwasher). Yeah, well, the pipes froze and I have no water in the kitchen! I end up doing dishes in the bathtub because the water in there worked just fine.

Turns out the friend never showed up anyways. The cold water finally came back on late afternoon, so I did the dishes in ice cold water. As soon as I turn the water off after washing all these dishes, don't you know the hot finally started dripping! Thanks a bunch!!

So after the terribly stressful day we had, we had the wonderful idea of getting a pizza and wings.. comfort food!! We made little english muffin pizzas for the kids to save money (otherwise we'd need like 3 large pizzas!!). Jay goes to look up the number to the pizza place and oops... can't call out!! Thankfully the place isn't far away, so he walked over there to order a delivery. He says the look on the guys face who took his order was priceless.

The friend finally came over this morning, but didn't have the time to fix our brakes. They're hoping to get it done sometime today... though I'm not holding my breath. I borrowed my father in law's van today to go to the gym, but I don't want to have to do that everyday!

If only the brakes could have waited 2 more weeks before deciding they didn't want to work anymore!

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