Monday, February 8, 2010

The Rewards of Weight Loss

Over the past few months, since I've begun losing weight, I have had very few people notice the difference in the way I look. My mother, who I see once a month, has never failed to notice. My husband's coworkers noticed at a Christmas party back in December. However, most people see me far too often to be able to notice.

Saturday we went into our local Blockbuster. We used to go there at least once a week, if not more often. We love watching movies! Then in November we ordered cable TV, and have had fewer visits to Blockbuster since then. There are always free movies on TV, or at least some TV shows we'd like to watch, so there was little need to rent movies. On Saturday we thought we'd treat ourselves (unfortunately we picked out some movies we now wish we hadn't seen: Fame and The Invention of Lying... neither are really worth the time!).

There are a few employees at that Blockbuster that I'd seen often enough to recognize, and they in turn recognized me and my family as well. However on Saturday those employees were not there. There was a new employee I'd not seen before, and another girl that I didn't recognize at first. When I brought our rentals up to the counter to check out, she immediately asked "Have you been losing weight? You look fantastic!". I was a little shocked, first that she had recognized me, and second that she could even notice weight loss considering I was wearing a heavy winter coat that's about two sizes too big for me.

It's really a wonderful feeling when someone you don't really know recognizes that you've lost some weight. Your friends and family, they're already aware you're attempting to lose weight, so their compliments could be taken as "Well, they're just trying to be nice because they know I'm trying to lose the weight." To have a stranger notice, it's like one of the greatest compliments you can get!

I spent all day Saturday feeling wonderful about myself! Not just from the compliment I received at Blockbuster, but also because I'd gone to a Thrift Store that morning to get myself some new pants and a nice outfit to wear on a date with my husband next weekend. Every item of clothing I picked out and tried on actually fit, and fit well! I purchased 2 pairs of pants, a size 12 jeans, and size 10 black slacks. I put the jeans on as soon as I got home, and felt so good about how I looked. The pants I'd been wearing were all size 16, (down from the 20 I was wearing over the summer), and they were huge on me. The form fitting 12 jeans really showed off how thin I'm getting and how great I look. It really was a wonderful experience, and very motivating to continue all the hard work I've already been doing!

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