Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Summer is Over!

Summer has come to an end. The children went back to school yesterday. What an eventful day that was. Javy is now in football through school, they call it "modified" which is basically one step under JV. He has practice immediately after school, and it lasts until 5:15pm... every single day!! School is not walking distance, and of course the buses won't stay that late, so I've got to drag all the kids out during our usual dinner hour to go get him! Thankfully that only lasts through October.

In October Tristan will be starting her dance classes. We signed her up for all 3 classes this year, ballet, jazz, and tap. What were we thinking?? Now we're wondering how we're coming up with all that money!

Last year Tyler was in Soccer which went September and October. We haven't signed him up for that yet this year, although I'm sure he'd love to do it. We just don't seem to have an extra dime to our name these days.. but don't get me started on that!!

I have been trying to get Aydan into Head Start, which was a long, drawn out process. He was finally approved, but their classes are already full. If there's an opening during the school year he may be able to get in, but I'm not holding my breath.

For now I'm just going to enjoy the semi-peaceful days of having just Aydan and Mathieu at home with me. At least I don't have to worry much about the older kids getting bored and needing stimulation. Aydan and Mathieu do pretty well at entertaining themselves, and they don't NEED me to take them somewhere everyday like the older kids did.

Although I must say we did have a decent summer, I still felt it wasn't good enough for the kids. When I was young I remember going camping and swimming at the lake and things like that. I can't really afford to take my kids on trips like that, and we didn't exactly have the perfect weather this year either. We did a few fun things, including going to an amusement park and the State Fair, but I still felt rather bad that their summer wasn't memorable enough.

Perhaps my guilty feelings are due to our current situation, living in this trailer park. For the last 3 years we had a house in a wonderful neighborhood. We had a large yard, and great neighbors who all had kids for mine to play with. No pool, but at least I could hook up a hose or fill up a little wading pool on hot days. It was also very nice to just go for walks through our neighborhood.

Now we live in a small trailer park right off the highway. There's nowhere to walk except for around the trailer park. We have no yard to speak of, and certainly no hook up for a hose on hot days.

Basically this boils down to needing to frequent the local playgrounds to allow the children to let off some steam and get some exercise. On hot days we must visit the pool or beach or something, which costs quite a bit of money for a family this size, and not something I can afford to do as often as needed.

That, along with some of the other downfalls of living in a trailer park are pushing me to think about moving out a lot sooner than we planned. I try very hard to stay upbeat about the situation, knowing we can't really afford much else, and our credit just sucks so owning our own home anytime soon is not an option!! But some days staying up beat about it is far too difficult!!

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