Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Poor Javy

Javy's true passion in life is sports. That's always been his passion and it probably always will. He's decided he wants to be a professional football player, and who am I to squash that dream? I do everything I can to support him and help him be successful in sports.

This year he has finally started playing football through school, they call it "modified". He's absolutely loving it, it's his first time playing real football.

Well, two days ago the silly child cuts his hand pretty bad in his locker. I had to go pick him up from school and take him to the doctor, where he ended up getting 3 stitches on his middle finger.

So, then the doctor tells us Javy can't play football or participate in Phys. Ed. for 3 weeks!! I'm thinking "Are you nuts??" It's just a little cut on his finger!

So I told Javy to ignore all that and go to football practice anyways. Unfortunatly the school nurse and the coach both told Javy that school rules state he's not allowed to play with stitches!! Ugh!! However, he still has to attend practices even if he can't play or participate!!

So the doctor who stitched Javy's finger said no sports for 3 weeks!! He's going to get the stitches out in 2 weeks... by then he'll have already missed the first game.

He's heartbroken, and so am I. This is such a blow to him. I'm hoping to find a way to shorten his wait time and get him back in football before that first game. I'd hate to see him miss it.

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  1. Poor kid, three weeks! That seems really excessive. You would think as long as he kept the finger taped it would be fine. I guess schools have no choice but to be over cautious these days.