Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Surprise Surgery

As I sit here typing this blog I am home, recovering from the surgery I had yesterday morning.

It actually starting on Sunday, 3 days ago. I was having some cramps in my lower abdomen and had begun bleeding although I knew it wasn't that time of the month, that had only been a couple weeks ago.

I let it go that day, dulling the pain with some ibuprofen, but I made an appointment to see my doctor on Monday morning.

My doctor took some blood and urine tests, but "guessed" that my pain was mostly caused by my IUD shifting. I'd had this IUD for over a year already, and never had a problem with it before, but of course there is a first time for everything. So I scheduled an ultra sound and an appointing with an ob/gyn to take a look at my IUD.

Unfortunately the pain became worse that evening, and I forced myself to go to the ER.

After a four and a half hour wait I was finally called back into a room. Then another hour and a half wait and a doctor finally came in to look at me. She did a pelvic exam, noticed the IUD appeared to still be in place, but she too assumed it had probably just shifted and that was causing my pain and bleeding. She gave me some pain pills and told me to just stick with the course of action already planned by my regular doctor.

So I got dressed and I'm sitting in the ER room awaiting my discharge papers seriously cursing myself out for wasting nearly 7 hours for absolutely nothing!! Then the doctor comes back in and says "I have bad news." According to my urine test, I'm pregnant!!

Of course this came as a huge shock and nothing she said afterwards even registered with my brain. I had the IUD for almost a year and a half and never before had I had a problem. Obviously I hadn't gotten pregnant so I'd thought it had been doing it's job.

Plus I just have to mention here that Jay did get a vasectomy while I was pregnant with Aydan. Of course well over a year after that we found out we were pregnant with Mathieu. So it just seems to me that no matter what I do I'm cursed (or blessed) to just continue getting pregnant.

So they called in the ultra sound technician and sent me off to do that. Believe it or not my IUD had not moved or shifted, it was exactly where it was supposed to be. So how on earth did I get pregnant? Well that's the million dollar question, isn't it?

Unfortunately (or fortunately, however you want to look at it) the pregnancy was not in my uterus... it was in my fallopian tubes, otherwise known as an Ectopic Pregnancy.

So, I had to undergo surgery to remove the pregnancy. They also removed my IUD, which obviously wasn't working; did a D&C, which is standard procedure after a lost pregnancy; and since the doctor had trouble finding which side the pregnancy was on, I lost both of my fallopian tubes, which is just fine by me because obviously I have no intentions of attempting another pregnancy!

However, with the luck my husband and I seem to have, I'm still figuring it's only a matter of time before I wind up pregnant again.