Wednesday, July 8, 2009

So it continues...

My difficult situation only continues to get worse. It honestly has not let up at all in about a month!

We'd finally gotten Jay's car fixed, and killed ourselves to do it. We had to buy the parts and pay the mechanic which meant putting off bills again and playing catch up again. My van... still not fixed, and we'll somehow have to come up with the money for that.

Our bank account has been negative for a month already, and the car repairs just made that drag on even longer.

So this week we had to pay our rent, and we didn't even have enough to do that. Basically we purposely overdrew the bank account in order to pay rent, and if you ask me, that's pretty darn low!

So we've gone all week with no money, which we're not at all used to doing. We've also been running out of everything as we go. We have no milk now, no eggs, we're almost out of bread, we used our last stick of butter last night. So basically we have nothing to eat and I don't even have the means to make something.

We just kept thinking we'd only have to make it until Thursday. On Thursday I can write a check at the store which won't cash until Friday (can you tell we've done this before?). I also planned on visiting the food pantry again on Thursday to help with our groceries this week so we can hopefully finish playing catch up and be okay.

So, here it is Wednesday morning. Jay gets up and gets ready for work, comes back in the house a minute later... his car won't start!!! He thinks it's an ignition coil this time.

Certainly not something we wanted to deal with! We're already stressed and worn out...


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