Friday, June 19, 2009

Shopping Day

Today was Friday... that means it was grocery shopping day. My Fridays are all usually the same, I start out around 9:30am and drive 20-30 minutes to Sam's Club (similar to Costco or BJ's). I buy most of our meat at Sam's Club. I love the prices of some of the things there! For $15 or less I get a large pork loin and this will usually give us 3 dinners, pork roast one night, pork chops another night, and perhaps bbq pulled pork on the 3rd night... I switch it up so we don't get too tired of pork. I'm always on the look out for new recipes my family will love.

I typically spend about $100 at Sam's, mostly on meat, but I'll grab a few other things too, like perhaps some dinner rolls, waffles, cereal, maybe soda. I drop these groceries off at home, then I head to Super Walmart where I buy the remainder of our weekly groceries, and usually spend nearly another $100. I'm home usually no later than 2pm.

The only variations to my Fridays are when we have $100 or less to cover the entire week's groceries, such as the past few weeks, then I skip Sam's and do all the shopping at Walmart. Or, on occasion I'll add another stop to my day. If I have a little extra spending money, or a little extra time on my hands, I might stop at the Salvation Army thrift store.

Well, today I decided to bring my mother along for the ride. I guess I just wanted the company. I left early to pick her up, and then because I had so much extra time, I decided to go to the Salvation Army. I picked out a couple of nice tops, and go up to pay for them... well, I don't have my bank card!!

A few months ago we went to a restaurant about an hour away from home while we were visiting the zoo in that city (we have a membership, so get tired of our own zoo and go to the next closest one for a change of scenery). Jay paid for our meal with his bank card, and accidentally left it there!! We didn't figure it out until we got home, but we called them and asked them to mail us our card, which they said they would. Well, we waited and waited and never got the card, so we had to have the bank issue us a new one, long story short, he only just got the new card and pin number, but only activated the card today!!

Well this past Wednesday we were out and about, and Jay used my card at the ATM, and of course, never gave it back to me.

So I'm half an hour away from home, standing at the register trying to pay for these shirts, and have no money, no bank card, and the store won't accept check!! ARG!!

To make matters worse, I had forgotten to eat breakfast, and I get rather shaky and weak if I forget to eat, something that's only just started happening after I quit smoking.. strange...

So I have to find a pay phone, because I am still living back in the previous century and do not own a cell phone yet. I call Jay at work to see if he has my card, nope, he doesn't. So I go home to look for it there. He left it in the pocket of the jeans he wore that day! Sheesh!

So now I don't want to go all the way back to Sam's, it's so far out of the way. I go straight to Walmart instead. I still hadn't eaten, so was not feeling well, which meant I wasn't thinking straight either, and ended up not getting quite a few important things, including a cake for Aydan's birthday which is Monday!!

I did pick up Jay's Father's Day presents though. He'll be getting a little portable charcoal grill. He's been asking for one ever since we went on a picnic a few weeks back. We have a gas grill (that's dying) but food tastes so different cooked on charcoal. To go with it I got him some burgers to cook on the grill Sunday. I had to go back to get the Charcoal!

I also picked up Aydan's birthday presents. A Thomas the Train toy, a Curious George outfit, and a Wall-E book. That's a typical birthday in our house, a toy, an outfit, and a book. We won't be doing a big party, just us. I gave up parties back in November when I spent $150 to rent a community center and pool for the twins birthday and only 3 kids showed up out of the 10 we invited, and we didn't even get any RSVP's. We were so disappointed and I swore it would be nothing but family parties from that point on!!

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