Friday, June 12, 2009

One of my hobbies...

Stay at home moms need to have a hobby. Stay at home moms who are broke like to find ways to save the most money, or earn some extra money, or find little ways to help their family out.

To me, saving money, earning money, and finding little ways to help my family is one of my hobbies. I've spent about a year actively searching the internet for any sort of money saving or earning opportunity. Mostly what I found was a bunch of scams!

However, I do have a few sites I trust to help me out. One such site is called Quick Rewards. I've recently joined it, and absolutely love it thus far. It's technically a money earning site. You click on links and earn a penny, things like that. But this site also pays you a penny each time you print and redeem a grocery coupon through their website! These are the same coupons you find on other websites (I mean literally, I went to my favorite money saving website that offers coupons and freebies, and these were the same exact coupons!), but these coupons are practically paying you to use them!

To recieve the penny you're paid for redeeming coupons, you must have a Paypal account, which is free to set up. (It will also have to be verified using either a bank account or credit card.) Your money will accumulate on the QuickRewards website until you withdraw it to your Paypal account. There is no minimum withdrawal, which means you can request $0.50 if you want to, or less even.

I joined this site just about a week ago, and already I have $0.47. Some of that is from coupons, some is from clicking links on their main page, some is from clicking ads in my e-mail. I know it's not much, but it's 50 cents for using my computer which I'm already doing, and clicking these links or ads only takes a few seconds of my time. It's a few pennies for using coupons which I'm going to use anyways, I've printed these same coupons from another website and gotten nothing for it!!

I say, every little bit helps!

Click below to join QuickRewards:

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