Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jay's Day Off

Today is Wednesday, and it's Jay's day off. Thanks to the wonderful job he has, he always gets strange days off, it's not always Saturday and Sunday like your average 9-5 job.

He does always get Sundays off, because his store is closed on Sunday. That usually ends up being our "family day" because the kids are home too. He'll let me sleep in on Sunday morning and he and the kids will play video games, then once I wake up we begin thinking about what we'll do that day. Sometimes it's as simple as going to a playground for an hour or two, or sometimes we'll go for a hike or a walk, or we'll drive for an hour to visit a zoo we don't get to see that often...

His other day off is during the week, and typically it's Wednesday, although it can change and be any other day too. On his weekday off I try to let him sleep in. We don't normally have any other plans that day, especially not now because the kids are still in school (this is their last full week) and we're so broke. If we had money we might go to lunch, or go walk around Walmart. If it were nice out we might go for a walk, or take the youngest 2 to a playground. Or we might just stay at home and relax, him playing his video games while I'm trying to keep myself occupied.

The day usually starts with me taking bets as to how long Jay will sleep. I normally give up and wake him up around 10 or 11, even though I spend every moment up until that point swearing I'm going to see how long he'd be able to sleep for if I didn't wake him. There was once I didn't give up until 1pm. He'd probably sleep around the clock if I let him.

Once he's awake, it's pretty much "Mommy Off Duty". He'll cook dinner that evening, unless I insist it's something I must do myself. He'll usually do the dishes too, unless I get tired of waiting for him to get around to them and do them myself, in which case he'll finally offer to do them just as soon as I've gotten them started. He'll also handle the children for me that day, or more like wait for me to tell him "Mathieu is ready for his nap... Aydan has to potty... Tell the twins to stop doing that.. Javy needs another lecture... Sounds like Mathieu is up from his nap...".

I've been told mine isn't the only husband who behaves this way, I guess this is what boys learn in school. You remember when us girls were brought into a separate room and learned all about how some day we'd have an 8 pound screaming miracle ripped from our lower abdomen? Well I bet at that moment the boys were learning "If you put off doing the dishes long enough, she'll get tired of waiting and do them herself! And now for your first practice lesson, 'How to not hear nagging'"

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