Friday, June 26, 2009

How much lemonade does one really need?

This past Monday I went out to run some errands. I brought the boys to the playground, and on the way back stopped at the Credit Union. I left the Credit Union and my van began acting up. It started sputtering. I knew I was low on gas, but my gas gauge had been acting up, so I wasn't sure just how low. So, I immediately knew I was running out of gas. I panicked a little, because it had been years since I've run out of gas, and I was in the middle of a very busy intersection. At first I debated whether I could make it to the gas station. I began to pull around the corner, as that was my only option at the moment, but my car was no longer moving. It was still running, but stepping on the gas pedal wasn't making it go anywhere.

So, there I sat on the side of an extremely busy road with my 2 youngest boys in the back seat. I don't own a cell phone, so I was basically stranded. I put the car in neutral and tried to push it by myself, something I'd obviously never done before because I had no idea how heavy it was! I thought being in neutral it wouldn't be that difficult, it would just roll along.. but it takes a whole lot of effort to get it going! Wow!

Finally, after perhaps 10 minutes of panic and thinking about my next move, someone finally stopped to offer help. He helped push my van into the KFC driveway, although we couldn't get it up the incline, so there it sat in the driveway. He also let me use his phone and I called Jay who was at work, thankfully I was right down the road.

A little while later Jay shows up with a gallon of gas. He puts it in and tries to start the car, nothing. He takes off to get another gallon, puts it in, still nothing. He kept trying for almost an hour, until we finally had to leave in order for me to get home in time for the other kids. In the end we used his Durango to push my van into a parking spot at KFC.

Jay went back later with his co-worker, added yet another gallon of gas, and tried a few different things, yet still could not get the car started. So it sat there overnight in the KFC parking lot.

Tuesday evening Jay and an acquaintance of his managed to get the van to Aaron's (where Jay works), but still could not get it started.

But then, on Jay's way home Tuesday night, a belt broke on his car! He made it home, but figured the car wouldn't start after that, because after the belt broke the car was just going on battery power. UGH!!

Wednesday was Jay's day off, and we were stranded at home with no vehicle what so ever. He went tinkering with his car and managed to get it started, so drove it to a garage nearby where he and his family have gotten their vehicles worked on for over 20 years! Once there he's told they won't be able to get to his car today, and of course now the car will not start, so Jay had to walk home from there!

Later he's told that on top of the belt needing to be replaced, he's also blown the water pump and that will need to be fixed before the car will work.

So, here it is Friday, and we still have no vehicle. My van is still sitting down at Aaron's. Jay has a customer who's quite knowledgeable about vehicles who's supposed to be coming to take a look at mine, he thinks he knows what's wrong and how to fix it, so we're waiting on him for that. The garage where Jay's car is at is extremely busy and although they have the parts they need, and we've even given them a payment towards the work, we probably won't get that car back until Monday.

So we're stranded at home, and to make matters worse, the kids have been off school since Wednesday for their summer vacation.

It really wouldn't be that bad if we weren't living in a trailer park!! We basically have no yard what so ever and no place for the kids to go play. I don't know the people in this trailer park that well so I won't let the kids just go explore (the last trailer park we lived in was a nightmare and Javy kept getting beat up whenever he left our house).

I planned on spending the summer elsewhere, like driving to playgrounds and parks and pools and beaches, stuff like that. So sitting here without a car is really torture on all of us!

The kids have been on their absolute worst behavior which is not helping matters at all!!

And, as if that wasn't bad enough, due to our car repairs and other bills coming up, we're flat fricken broke again, like as bad as we were a few weeks ago!! For the next 2 or 3 weeks we're going to be short on grocery money again!

I'm not going to ask if things can get any worse, because I know they can, but man oh man I wish it would stop!!

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