Thursday, June 18, 2009

Child Support... GRR

As is typical for us, our bank account was seriously overdrawn since Sunday when I spent $40 we didn't have to go to Bingo.

So yesterday I sign into the bank account website to check on the balance, which of course should still say "Severely Negative" due to the overdraw and then the Insufficient Funds Charge.

Instead it shows we have $76! First off, we received a refund from Disney Movie Club. We joined it forever ago, and of course we're supposed to deny that featured selection every month. I forgot to deny it in May, so they sent us 2 Blu-Ray movies and charged us $50 for them. I returned them once they arrived, and that money found it's way back into the account yesterday.

On top of that, we also received a child support check from Javier's bio-dad. This man is ordered to pay a whopping $50 a month, and I rarely ever see it! We brought him into court when Javy was about 6 or 7, at the time I didn't even want his money, I just wanted to be able to find him to make it easier on us when Jay adopted Javy. Then we find out it costs about $1,000 to hire an adoption lawyer, so I asked Javy's father for that money... yeah right, keep dreaming!

So, for awhile the $50 was coming like clock work, but then a couple years ago he started missing a bunch of payments, most especially in the winter. He tried to make up for it in the summer by sending double payments and sending them more often, but even that has slowed down now. Last summer I received a bunch of payments that were only $30 a piece or less, then nothing until April. I went down to the Child Support office in April to complain, and a couple weeks later there was $100. Then nothing.

So last week I call Child Support again and they tell me I'll have to go file some grievance or something, which is all sorts of problematic because Javy's father lives in Florida while I'm in New York state, so who knows what's going to happen with that. So basically it appears as if there's nothing at all I can do but sit around and hold my breath to see if I ever get another payment.

I guess we just lucked out yesterday with the $100 child support payment.

Now what to do with the money? Father's day is this weekend, and I really want to get my husband a charcoal grill. Aydan is turning 3 on Monday, so I'll need to buy him some presents. Of course we have bills to pay, friends that we borrowed money from that we'll have to pay back, and we haven't made a payment on our bankruptcy in a couple months. We also have some car repairs we need to make. Choices choices...

So what did we end up doing?? Having lunch at Olive Garden! Will we ever learn?

Jay promises he's getting a bonus this weekend which is typically an extra 2 or 3 hundred dollars. Man I hope so, otherwise we won't afford all our bills.

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